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Job Opportunities

Join our team!

We are a company with social responsibility, focused on influencing two exclusion problems, which are:


1.- The low adoption and use of digital financial services in excluded and low-income populations

2.-Discrimination and labor exclusion of people over 40 years old


So that:

  • We bring technological ecosystems to small and medium enterprises, to help them improve their businesses' management, increase their sales, and achieve customer loyalty.

  • We accompany the client throughout the adoption process and after, through a timely and respectful follow-up.

  • We generate sources of employment for people with an interest in generating social impact.

In this company, we are convinced that by taking care of these two problems, we managed to generate a real change. 


If you are a person with social commitment, you like sales, and work in the field ... Then join our team!


Noahuis Financial Services Promoters

Are you looking for a job that allows you to grow and develop your independence? Do you have a good attitude and communication skills? Do you like to interact with people and contribute to their development and growth? If you dare to join our team, we will support you in developing a professional career full of learning, friendship, and solidarity!

In what does the work consist?

Promote, sell, and operate MeXCo Soluciones' products and services with quality and warmth, through customer orientation, ensuring compliance with its use efficiently, within the regulatory framework designed, in order to meet the committed goals.



1.- Carry out promotion and responsible sales of digital financial products and services;

2.- Manage your own client portfolio;

3.- Support your clients with training, information, and resolution of doubts;

4.-Participate in training and apply field learning;

5.- Feedback the team with customer information.

Payment is for independent professional services against invoice (for fees) and must be registered with the SAT.

100% field work 6-8 hours per day according to goal fulfillment.

There are no age limits! Most of our team is over 40 years old.

We are hiring these days and we are looking for people who have immediate availability to start their training.


Hidalgo, Yucatan, and Mexico City


Ask for Lupita Islas

+55 7076 0394 or by mail:


Trainer  /  Technical Advisor

Do you like to support the community? Do you like to share your knowledge with people? Do you feel comfortable with technology?


We are looking for people with knowledge of technology and experience in call centers, technical support, technical training, and/or pedagogy that support us to install financial tools to small businesses and train them in their proper use.


              Full time



  • Recent Bachelor graduates in Engineering of Systems, Computing or related careers

  • Experience: Not necessary

  • Availability Full time


  • Windows Xp

  • Management of Ticket Administration tool

  • MS Office Software

  • Updates, patches, mobile applications

  • Network connections


  • Planning and control

  • Service attitude

  • Teamwork

  • Proactivity

  • Responsibility

  • Commitment


  • Minimum education: Higher education - Bachelor's degree

  • Availability to travel: Yes

  • Availability to change residence: No


  • Fieldwork without an office

  • Installation of equipment with end-users

  • Applications' update

  • Customer and internal team support

  • Internal team training


Ask for Lupita Islas

+55 7076 0394 or by mail:


Field Supervisors

Supervise, organize, and report on the promotion, sale, and operation of MexCo Soluciones' products and services with quality and warmth, through planning, training, and orienting customers. Ensuring compliance with its efficient use, within the regulatory framework designed, in order to meet the objectives and goals committed.


Position Features:

Payment in the first three months is for independent professional services against invoices (for fees) and must be registered with the SAT.


Full time. Fieldwork 60%; 8 hours per day according to goal fulfillment




1.- Supervise the promotion of services and products

  • Fully know the portfolio of financial technology products and/or services offered by MeXCo Soluciones

  • With the support of HR management, train Noahuis, and technical advisors both in the products and in the use of technology for customer management and sales techniques

  • Design strategies to identify potential clients within the action areas and offer their access and participation in the services offered by MeXCo Soluciones

  • Create prospecting and promotion routes

  • Supervise prospecting for promotion and sale both remotely and in the field

  • Support the field team with solutions and information for customers about the benefits and obligations of the services and/or products

  • Supervise that customers who obtain products and/or services do so in a timely manner

  • Manage and monitor the portfolio of potential clients.

2.- Sell Services and/or products

  • Supervise the sales to clients' closure, in accordance with the established process, and ensure that it is registered in the control system.

  • Control, follow up, and train to ensure sales productivity.

  • Adhere to the processes established for the sale of Services and/or products, including the performance report


3.- Customer service supervision

  • Review reports assigning customer service tracking

  • Train Noahuis (promoters) in due follow-up, including use of digital surveys for follow-up

  • Supervise the installation of equipment in customer businesses

  • Help the formation of “Group of clients”, through a group chat

  • Offer advice and follow-up to clients on issues related to the use and management of services and/or product purchased

  • Identify causes of customer dissatisfaction, to make proposals for improvement


4.- Report the activities they have carried out.

  • Ensure the achievement of operational results for immediate corrective actions

  • Report immediately on illegal and irresponsible activity detected that compromises the integrity of the Service

  • Immediately report causes of dissatisfaction and customer withdrawal

  • Report daily to the Operations Manager the team's performance

  • Fill out customer service tickets in Excel



Mandatory Competencies:

  • Leadership

  • Sense of Social Responsibility

  • Excellent planning and organization

  • Orientation and appropriate treatment to everyone

  • Curiosity and openness to learning

  • Empathy

  • Solidarity and ability to work in a team

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Proactivity

  • Results Achievement

  • Pressure tolerance

  • Teamwork

  • Adaptation to change

Technical Competences:

  • Minimum secondary, technical, or professional training in social, administrative, and sales areas

  • Own a smart cellphone

  • Excel, word, email, google maps, and WhatsApp management

  • Previous experience in finance, supervision, and personnel management (Preferable)

  • Knowledge of financial products (Preferable)


Type of position: Full time, Temporary, By contract


Ask for Lupita Islas

+55 7076 0394 or by mail:

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